Great Customer Service..

    I have had Tmobile for a very long time now, from being on my mothers line to my older sisters to now my own. With all the years with this company i never had one problem with them. Yes the service may not always be that great but its ok still cause the customer service pay off for it . i Recently have been going through a really ruff time in my life financially and emotionally and hit rock bottom, so i recieved my text message with my monthly bill and noticed it was extremly high. I placed a call to customer service and spoke to i have to say has been one of thee best employee's there she was VERY nice,understanding,caring and had a very sweet tone. Great customer service skills and went over and beyond and  really made my day better. More people should be like her than just go to work with a attitude and be rude 24/7 to customers. This employee DESERVES a raise and i really hope her boss can acknowledge her for being a great employee and honor my wish to give her a raise or a bonus. The employee name is Brandi. O i asked for her ID number(54678) so that she may be located and aware of her great impact she made on me and for offering great customer service.  So again thank you brandi and god bless you


    Carlos. C.

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