Tmobile Sim card for a Verizon phone


    My husband's employer uses Verizon.  My husband needed to get a new phone for work, and we now have his old Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Is there anyway that my son can use Tmobile on this phone?  The Sim card on the Galaxy note is a lot smaller than the Tmobile card.


    Would be wonderful if this was possible.

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Tmobile Sim card for a Verizon phone

        If the device is unlocked (i.e. the carrier lock) is removed it looks like it supports a lot of the T-Mobile frequencies but not all but depending on the market you are in you should have at least 2G and LTE.


        There are 3 sizes of SIM cards and T-Mobile has them all.  There is Full, Micro and Nano, the Note uses Micro as do most all Samsung devices.  My guess is that if your son is on an older phone it is a full size, you can go to your local store and they can usually for $10-20 sell you a new SIM card and move his phone number to that SIM card.