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    We deserve better packaging...

      Dear T-Mobile,


      Today I received my iPhone 6. After being told the wait would take only two weeks, here I am six weeks later with my phone finally in my hands. But frankly, I'm disappointed. Aside from the unexpected and ridiculous wait, my phone, which might I add cost over $800, was shipped in a measly bubble-wrapped baggy. As a result, my iPhone box arrived with dents on all corners. Now I understand that I'm being ridiculous, but you know what, I have every right to be. I paid $800 for this phone. I waited six long weeks for this phone. I deserve to receive my phone in all of its glory, in perfect condition. We ALL know that the packaging is a huge part of the Apple experience and if you don't think so, you are only fooling yourself. So, is it too much to ask for better packaging? My phone should have arrived in its perfect, crisp, box. But no; I guess that is too much to ask. I've only ever known T-Mobile. I've been with you for over 7 years. And sadly, I'm too poor for that to ever change. I understand that in order for you to stay so affordable you have to cut corners and that might just mean cheap packaging. You might even be doing it for "environmental" purposes (although cardboard is a much better choice than plastic). Whatever the reason may be, I doubt better packaging is on your list of future improvements. I just wanted to voice my disappointment. Thank you for taking the time to read this and don't worry. I'll get over it.


      A Loyal Customer