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    Lumia headphones problem

      Hello, i am using Lumia 710 for over a year now, but there is a problem when listening music with original 3 line headphones, sounds are blury and distorted although it plays pretty loud, and when using ordinary studio 2 line head set it plays beautifully although silently. So is there any fix related to such problem because i want to use original set, studio headphones are too bulky to go outside with them. Also tried factory reset, it did not work.





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          Have you tried using a different headset? (A headset has the 3 lines -- one for the microphone and one for each ear, while headphones have just the two ears.)


          It could be that your original headset is blown out or is damaged in some other way. There are a lot of headset options on Amazon and at Wal-Mart, Target, etc.