Can I get my replacement phone at Tmobile store instead of filing an online claim?

    Can  I go straight to a T-Mobile store to get a replacement phone instead of filing a claim online? I am a Jump Premium member and already tried to file a claim online but I had trouble with it because my payment method was declined bc I didn't have money in my card at the moment. But then after I deposited enough money into it I called customer service from the insurance company to ask them to try to use my card again but they asked me for a four digit pin associated with my Tmobile account and I never set up a pin and had no idea what she was talking about. So basically she was of NO help whatsoever and told me she couldn't access my claim without the pin. So once again, my question is, can I just go in person to Tmobile to file my claim in person or whatever and just get my replacement phone and pay them my deductible upfront then and there? Please help.

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