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    Can I Upgrade to iPhone on Verizon then Switch to T-Mobile after 15 Days?

      So, I want to switch from Verizon to T-Mobile, but my Verizon contract is up next month.


      I'm wondering if it makes sense to wait until I can upgrade on Verizon, upgrade to the iPhone 6 under Verizon for $199, then cancel after Verizon's 14 day window, switch to T-Mobile, and have T-Mobile pay my early termination fee plus trade in my current iPhone 5 to T-Mobile.


      I think this is how it would break down, but let me know if I'm missing anything:


      $199 - Upgrade to iPhone 6 under Verizon

      $35 - Verizon Activation Fee

      $60 (est) - Pay Verizon for the 14 days of service

      $350 - Verizon Early Termination Fee


      $644 Total


      -$350 T-Mobile ETF Reimbursement

      -$238 Trade-in value of my current iPhone 5 paid to me by T-Mobile

      +$10 T-Mobile Sim Fee


      $122 Total


      Basically, I would get the Verizon iPhone 6 for $122.


      Can I then use that Verizon iPhone on T-Mobile?


      The only stipulation I may be missing is that I think T-Mobile may only pay the ETF if you buy a new phone from T-Mobile.


      If this is the case, then I could sell the Verizon iPhone 6 on Craigslist for say, $500.


      - the $122 it cost me




      Then I could put that $378 towards purchasing a T-Mobile iPhone 6, leaving me with a minimal monthly payment added to my T-Mobile bill.




      If T-Mobile makes me buy a phone to pay my ETF, can I purchase their cheapest phone and then switch my plan over to my Verizon iPhone the next day?



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          There are several assumptions in your post:

          1. You CAN use a Verizon iPhone 6 on T-Mobile - that is established and there are people on the forum that have done it

          2. As regards the data plan for devices - as far as I understand - they are device specific - so for example - if you buy a plan for a Blackberry 9700, you cannot use an iPhone 6 on that plan - you have to tell T-Mobile what phone you are using

          3. You may be able to get away with selling your phone and getting one from T-Mobile and it may even out that way

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            Yes you can do that. I would just buy the cheapest phone from T-Mobile and just use the one you get from Verizon as it comes factory unlocked and works on both CDMA and GSM. Plus the trade in money you don't use will go as a bill credit. I basically did the same thing when I brought my parents over. I had them upgrade to iPhone 5s and then switch over. We traded in old razors and brought 2 768's. We never opened them, as I got two nano sims and they used the iPhones.