Locked Phone:  Unknown SIM Pin--How to Reset?

    **URGENT:  How can we unlock this phone?**


    Apparently, one of our phones had a SIM PIN we did not set and did not know.


    The phone is an LG D415, purchased about two months ago.  When we tried to set up a password for the SIM card, it asked for the PIN.  We have only created phone passwords, using both letters and numbers.  All three of our attempts failed.


    Now, the phone is asking for a PUK, which we do not know.  (What is that?)  It says we can make 10 attempts.


    When we went to t-mobile.com/SIM, as directed, the site asked for the SIM card number.  We typed it in; the site says it's invalid.


    Question:  What is the PUK, how do we reset the SIM PIN, and do we need to do anything at t-mobile.com/SIM?  Until we resolve these problems, we cannot use the phone.



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