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    iPhone 6 by ????

      Well here is what my experience has been like. Went to tmobile store on 9/23. Ordered a 64gb 6 and a 64gb 6+. Was told the 6 would take about 2 weeks and the 6+ about 4 weeks. Fair enough......I received a text with my order number and a link to tmobile to check the status.


      The website link showed "order being processed"  for a while until around 10/5....here we go I thought....shipping dates are now showing...


      IPhone 6 shipping on or before 10/27(which is today) 6+ 11/4....well I was so excited to wake up and check the website, then BAM!!! Tmobile nope sorry.... They are changing the ship date to 11/4 for both phones.


      THe odds of getting my phone shipped in a week? I'm guessing by Thanksgiving....

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          I would write the executive response team. They may be able to help

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            Well I checked the status today and it changed to 11/3.


            Now I'm worried, it never goes backwards in dates. But I'll take it and advise what happens

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              Well - a day here or there is not uncommon - Since UPS does not ship on the weekends, the dates sometimes move. As long as you have a tracking number or some information using Track by reference on the UPS Site - I would not worry about it

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                Logged in today. Estimated ship  date on or before 11/9 for the 6 and 11/14 for the 6+


                This is starting to be comical. Ordered on 9/23!

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                  My card was charged today. Logged in and they moved the shipping date again. Now it says:

                  Item: Apple iPhone 6 - Silver - 64GB
                  Status:  Awaiting more shipments from Apple. Expected availability on or before 11/15/2014 BUT order will NOT ship until all items are available.

                  Item: Apple iPhone 6 Plus - Gold - 64GB
                  Status:  Awaiting more shipments from Apple. Expected ship date on or before 11/13/2014

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                    Take it you are signed up for UPS MyChoice?

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                      I have signed up with the MyUps. But nothing is showing yet. This is just coming from T-Mobile website.


                      I assume that for them charging my card it should be coming. We will see.

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                        From my experience once the card is charged it is 2-4 days within which time you should have some movement on the UPS label and tracking number and it also depends on what kind of shipping you signed up for.

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                          Well they sent me the UPS tracking. Scheduled arrival on 11/11/14.

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                            Congratulations - if your delivery address is a residence - they will usually arrive after 1 PM - in my experience - twice over - iPhone 6 Plus and 5S - they simply leave the package at your doorstep with a ring on your doorbell - so it is a good idea to have some one home to pick it up right away


                            Please let us know how you like the phone ......

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                              Delivery time is all based of location and where you fall under UPS route.

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                                Well it finally happened. They arrived yesterday 11/12/14. UPS left the phone that wore stuck in a plastic bag on the porch. Surprisingly, the boxes were in good shape.


                                For the most part, it all worked out about as well as I thought. Ordered on 9/23, was told that the 6 would arrive in about 2 weeks and the 6+ would take 4.


                                I mean Apple is selling 40mm iPhones a quarter....almost 500k a day....


                                I think the wait is for the 64gb models...as opposed to the 16gb


                                As far as the phone...I  have the 6+, my son the 6....The 6+ is a phablet for sure....I'm 6'2" and it is BIG..But I like it...My old 5s Wi-fi sucked....The new one has no problem....I used to just use LTE when I was at home, but now Wi-fi is flying!


                                Screen is crisp and the thinness of the device is nice...It fits fine in my front pocket, just a little harder to pull out when sitting down....


                                Software wise it is just the same user experience that you are familiar with...But yes, everything loads faster...And I can see my old iPad gathering dust because this phone covers that need...


                                Good luck to all that ordered!!!!!

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                                  Thank you for the review. You mirror what most of us feel after having the 6Plus. I have two friends who ditched the 5 and iPad mini to use just the 6 Plus. I would get some kind of protection on it. Though the screen is harder it can and does shatter when the phone falls from even hip height onto concrete. But other than that you are right. I have wondered why Apple would put out and people would buy the 16 GB variant. Perhaps others can enlighten me.

                                  Enjoy your device!!