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    How many have iphone 6 64gb backordered?


         How many of you are frustrated with the iphone 6 64 gb 6 weeks delay?


         Let me tell my case, I was confused where to order the phone in t-mobile or apple store.


         But when I checked the t-mobile site, it showed me to ship within 4-10 have a extra shipping charge and apple store was 7-10 days    with free shipping.


         So I decided to pay the additional shipping charge and order via t-mobile.


         But after 5 days I got a mail saying it will be shipped on or before dec 1st 2014.


         I was surprised to see that, because when I checked in t-mobile site it is still showing as 4-10 business day.


         This is really a bad customer experience and when I checked with customer care, they are saying it can ship before or may delay


         further and they are not aware of anything....... I am thinking of thinking of switching to att as apple store have it on stock......