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    Can't get wi-fi calling to work on iPhone 5S



      As the title states I can't get wi-fi calling to work on a 5S. I can't get the darn thing to do anything but send me (amazingly fast) wi-fi. I bought the thing to improve my t-mobile signal/service. And it hasn't done that at all. I can't text with it, nothing. I'm a prepaid user if that matters.


      TIP: Since I saw someone on reddit talking about not being able to get them as a prepaid user, IF you work with t-mobile you CAN get them now even though you're prepaid. Just be prepared to pay the full $99, and the return shipping apparently if it doesn't work.


      I'm running iOS 8.1, I updated my e911 online through my t-mobile account, using the t-mobile app, and in my wi-fi calling settings. (which I read about an hour ago on this forum). Ran through the set up twice. Restarted my 5S a few times trying to get it to work because I've read that sometimes happens. And I still can't get wi-fi calling to work at all.


      Any help would be appreciated.