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    Can't connect to 5GHz band

      I'm having trouble connecting to the 5GHz band after setting up the router. It randomly disappears and reappears from the Wireless network list on my laptop and LG G3 (shows a strong signal when it shows). When my laptop does connect to it, the link speed is at max 24mbps but usually drops to around 6mbps even though the router is 15 feet away. Same issue with the G3. No problems with the 2.4GHz band for either device.


      I tried changing the wireless mode to N only (laptop doesn't support AC), channel bandwidth, control channel, and authentication modes. I even toggled beam forming (AC and Universal) on/off as other people mentioned for the RT-AC68U with no luck. I performed a hard reset on the router to see if that would fix it but the problem still occurs. Checked for firmware updates but it has the latest one ( At worst it could be a bad 5GHz radio which means having to get a replacement.


      I've been emailing Asus tech support back and forth and all they've told me to do so far is check firmware and reset the router.


      Does anyone else have an issue with the 5GHz band or any suggestions on what else I could try doing?