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    iphone 6 visual voicemail not working..still

      I received my iPhone 6 on Monday and the visual voicemail is still not working. I called T-Mobile customer care twice already and spoke with tech support and visual voicemail is not coming up. We tried everything on it for both calls I had. We even did a hard reset. I even tried looking around for answers. The tech support even told me they send out a note to a higher tech to get this problem resolve. However, I did not hear from them yet. I really want to get this fix as soon as possible.

      The problem:

      When I select the Voicemail option, I don't see the Visual Voicemail screen, instead it calls and I get

      "You've reached the voicemail system.  If you have a mailbox on this system, press * " I enter *

      "Please enter your 10-digit phone number." I enter my 10-digit phone number

      "Sorry, that mailbox is invalid.  Please enter your 10-digit phone number."