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    how do I order a wi-fi cellspot router?

      how do I order a wi-fi cellspot router? I looked all over the site here but I can't find no info.

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          You have to call Customer Care in order to order it.

          You may be able to go in store as well (some people have gotten them from stores)

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            yeah I called but since it's prepaid I can't get it...I thought even people on prepaid could...

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              You never told us you were prepaid


              There's talks around the forums that T-Mobile is currently only offering via the deposit for postpaid customers (prepaid wouldn't have any form of deposit option in their system).  So, getting the device for a $25 deposit as a prepaid customer is out of the question, unfortunately.


              Paying outright for a router ($99 retail price) would be the next option, but it has been removed from the web site for purchase.  Not sure when it will be available for mass purchasing -- there's probably some program time frame to get the people who want it via deposit first crack at it.  It's kinda silly in my opinion since you're out dollars by doing a "loaner program" (that's what a deposit is) instead of making whatever profit you should be making by selling it.  But, I also understand the goal is to offset some of the tower load to help with upgrades, so maybe that's the reasoning.


              Anyway, if you're not a postpaid customer getting it via deposit, you're stuck waiting until it's available to the masses, and that's not been communicated.


              The PRIMARY difference between this router and a router you probably already own is that the CellSpot Router comes pre-configured with optimizations for WiFi Calling.  As long as your phone is WiFi Calling capable, you can use ANY router you want (Well, obviously as long as your phone will connect to it as well).  Depending on your router's QoS (optimization) settings, you may have minor call quality issues.  I've heard of people using their work WiFi as their source for WiFi Calling.