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    iPhone 6 Plus wifi calling error page

      Just got an unlocked iPhone 6 plus and got my nano sim from T-Mobile. When I go to enable wifi calling I get an error screen. Any ideas?

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          T-Mobile broke something over the weekend - it is happening to almost everyone it seems, on the 5s and 6/6 plus. Lots of threads about it.

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            In my case, with an iPhone 6 Plus, Wi-Fi calling stopped working after I installed iOS8.1.  Living in Bellingham, WA, I stopped in at the T-Mobile kiosk at Bellis Fair to see if they could help.  I can tell you that the young man who served me was bright, sharp and very knowledgeable.  Very impressive and someone I would recommend to any T-Mobile customer.  That all said, he wasn't the one who ended up solving the problem.  But what he did was connect me right then and there with a person in T-Mobile's technical department.  After a 15 minute discussion on the phone, the T-Mobile on the phone agreed to call me back at home.  But when I returned home, the problem was solved -- I had my WiFi calling back!  When the guy eventually called back, I was not in.  In his voicemail, he said that the problem was with Apple and to phone them.  But I think that is wrong.  It isn't an Apple problem.  If it is, how does he explain the problem having been fixed 15 mins. after I hung up the phone back at the kiosk?  Coincidence?  Not likely!  Sure, I am happy it is fixed but it is a bit of a "hollow victory" because I am not able to pass on what was wrong or what T-Mobile did.

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              There is a bunch of "geeky techy" types that surmise that T-Mobile engineers broke something when they installed fixes for the 8.0.2 and 8.1 iOS updates. Somehow the wifi calling VPNs were blocked or unstable. Once they fixed it - all is good. Not that they were going to admit it but that is what we think. FWIW

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                Hi all!


                Is this still happening? There's been a software update to correct this if you're still not able to connect to Wi-Fi. If you've updated and still can't connect, please let us know!