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    Allow Wi-Fi Calls on iPhone 6+

      So, I had this working for about a month on this phone now barring having to periodically switch airplane mode on and off to get it to connect back for wifi calling (which is irritating).


      However, now it just won't come back on again. When I go into Settings -> Phone -> Wi-Fi -> Wi-Fi Calls, I see Allow Wi-Fi Calls is disabled for some reason. When I try to turn it on again, it brings up a white page for a second then shows:




      Sorry, your request could not be completed.

      Please try again later."


      There's no actual error number displayed, just that message.


      It's been doing this all day yesterday and today. I haven't seen anyone mention such a thing online.


      Nothing has changed on my network. Everything else over wifi works fine. The only thing of note to happen to the phone is the prepaid amount was just billed again. I get incredibly poor service in my house, so this feature is necessary for me.


      This is a MGCT2LL/A model iPhone 6+ running iOS 8.0.2

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