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    iPhone 6 Plus WiFi Calling Does Not Work Properly

      My partner and I both have the iPhone 6 Plus and we're using T-Mobile's new CellSpot Asus Router. We have 115Mbps down for our internet speed and 25Mbps upload. If you don't speak technical terms, that's OK. Just know that we have FAST Internet!


      The iPhone 6 Plus stays connected to the router just fine and Internet works great. It's the "T-Mobile WiFi" message that keeps going in and out. For those that rely on T-Mobile WiFi calling, I have found a solution that works, but T-Mobile/Apple need to fix the bugs.


      The problem is, when you connect your iPhone to your router, it's supposed to say "T-Mobile WiFi" in the top left corner of your iPhone. This will be all fine and dandy for a little bit, but then it goes away and it'll just say "T-Mobile" and have like 1 bar of service. Keep in mind the wifi signal stays there to show the phone is connected to wifi still, it's just that the "T-Mobile WiFi" message disappears. When this happens, no calls come through, because the phone is switching over to the network to receive and make calls.


      SOLUTION: Bring up your iPhone's control center and turn Airplane mode ON. Then tap your WiFi signal on. Your phone will connect to your wifi and it'll say "T-Mobile WiFi" in the top right-hand corner. I notice when I do this, the iPhone doesn't try to switch back to the network to receive/place calls.


      Just remember to turn airplane mode off and WiFi mode off when you leave the house