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    Intermittent Wifi calling with iPhone 6 and 5s. Even with cell spot.

      I'm having an intermittent wifi calling issue with my iPhone 6, my son and daughter in law's iPhone 6's, and wife's iPhone 5s.


      Our whole family switched from separate carriers to tmobile for the iPhone and in particular for wifi calling in our house/basement.


      The wifi calling will work intermittently - it will connect and then disconnect after a few hours and in most cases it won't reconnect unless a full reset is performed or the airplane mode is toggled on and then off again.


      Also, the biggest issue we are unable to receive calls during this 'brown out' where our friends say our phones don't even ring.


      I thought the router was the issue, but we received a cell spot from tmobile 2 weeks ago and the same issue. I thought it was my phone, but the same issue is occurring with my sons iphone 6, daughter in laws iphone 6, and wife's iPhone 5s.


      I thought it was my router (even after the cell spot upgrade) but its still an issue at my sons house who has the newest generation apple AirPort Extreme 802.11ac.


      I stumbled upon several users with the same issue and found this article/post

      iPhone 6 Wifi Calling Intermittent Problems (also: does your phone get warm with it enabled?) : tmobile


      BAsically the users claim it's an engineering issue by Tmobile and Apple where the servers and the iPhone 6 seem to lose negotiation / communication on the wifi calling port 4500. And it even occurs after vpn attempts too.


      is anyone else having this issue?


      or should we keep restarting each of our iPhones every so 30 mins to make sure wifi calling stays connected so that we can receive calls in our house?