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    iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Hard To Find & Some Stores Don't Sell 6 Plus

      T-Mobile can you please send Gold iPhone 6 64GB AND iPhone 6 Plus 64GB GOLD to the t mobile store on Montgomery (5993)

      3601 Eastern Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36116. I finally saved up enough money to buy the phone and I couldn't get the phone because in order to trade in the phone you want has to be in the store in order for me to use the trade in value i was very disappointed especially when the t mobile manager told me that they only sold the 16gb versions for the iphone 6 and get this they never get the 6 plus they told me you would have to order it in order to get it, so my problem was how am i ever going to buy the phone if its not in the store because i was going to use the trade in value of my iphone 5s in which t mobile was going to pay me 352 dollars for to make a deferred payment on the phone