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    Need a Cell Signal booster, not a wifi router

      We just switched our 4 lines of service from AT&T to T-Mobile because of poor service at our home location and continually dropped calls.  We were told to try the new service first to see if coverage was improved with the new carrier and it was not.  The rep at the store put in an order for us for a cell booster and told us it would be like having a tower at the house and we would have full bars for calls.  What we received yesterday is a Wifi Cellspot router.  We already have a wifi router in our home through our internet provider and have a very strong wifi signal.  The problem is that the main line that we use for business is a phone that apparently doesn't enable wifi calling, so boosting our already strong wifi signal isn't the answer.  Can you tell me how I go about trading this wifi router I received for an actual cell signal booster?  Thank you!!!

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          I'm new to this - I'm sorry - but how do I get my question answered??  I'm confused that I don't have an option to just ask a customer service rep this question but rather post it on a discussion board.  I see other people's question answered - but nothing on mine.  Am I doing something wrong??

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            Either upgrade to a WiFi-calling enabled phone or go to a T-Mobile store trade the router in for a 4G LTE Booster. You will need to return the router before they can order you a LTE Booster.


            Support link: 4G LTE Signal Booster

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              This has become an absolute mess.  I went to the store to trade.  They didn't have a signal booster to give and wouldn't take my router.  Told me a return kit was being overnighted to me to start the process.  That was 10 days and multiple phone calls ago and there has come no return kit, therefore no order even processed for the booster.  No one I call has any idea what is going on and promises to call me back but they don't.  I finally talked to a customer loyalty person today after spending an hour with a customer service rep and she advised me that I need to go ahead and FedEx the router myself (there goes 10 days wasted) and she can't expedite my order for the booster because of all this, but rather says the statement is 10 days is the shipping time on my booster.  That puts me around mid-November to receive the piece of equipment I ordered on September 30 and my husband - who runs a business from home - has had 1 bar of service this entire time.  Again - the reps are all amazingly kind but no one is doing ANYTHING to expedite this order, offer me expedited shipping, or anything.  Wildly frustrated.

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                If you don't mind me asking what kind of phone is the "main" line?  The list of phones other than BYOD devices that don't support Wi-Fi calling has gotten pretty small after Apple finally added it with IOS 8. 

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                  It is the iPhone 5.  Apparently it is the only phone that doesn't support it :/

                  It would certainly help to have the wifi calling, but then stepping out the door he would drop a call once he's beyond our wifi, so a help but unfortunately not a solution.

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                    Yup that is one of the few that doesn't and it is still of a mystery while Apple pulled support for it in the final version of IOS 8 as the preview/developer version did support the 5 and know a few folks that were using it without issue until they got the final version of 8 and it went away.  Even the T-Mobile support folks seemed to be under the impression that the 5 would be supported and were just as shocked when it was pulled out unexplained at the last minute. 


                    Hopefully they can get this resolved quick but I can tell you from being a "lifer" on these forums the iPhones are probably the most complained about phones with signal issues and especially the 5 series.  A good friend has one and we will be standing next to each other and I almost always have more signal than he does.

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                      Yes, my previous 4 and now 6 have more signal strength than the 5, even with different carriers. But that isn't my point. My point is that I ordered a signal booster on Sept 30 and am looking at mid-November to actually receive it. I am paying for cell coverage I am not receiving and as I type I am walking into FedEx to pay for return packaging on wrong equipment when that should not be my responsibility. Me owning a 5 falls on me. Poor customer service, follow up, and not making the service issues right falls on them.


                      Sorry to vent on you - it's not you're fault!  But I am getting no where with anyone I talk to at various levels and departments within T Mobile.  Just would love someone to take the reigns on this and follow through.


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                        If you use Twitter you can tweet @tmobilehelp and sometimes they can speed things along or get a quicker response than this forum which is more support and user driven and is more first line problem solving or can at least point in the right direction.

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                          I appreciate it. I've been on the phone for a combined couple hours with customer service, tech support and customer loyalty the last couple days. They are all very kind and so sorry this is happening......but that's about all I get.


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                            Hey deffenbaugh,


                            We know indoor coverage is important and we want to ensure the router return and signal booster order are completed. Please get in touch with us by sending a message on Facebook or Twitter, and we'll be able to review the account and further assist!

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                              I just had this same issue and made a new post about it.