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    Worst Experience Ever Ordering

      Ok. Here's my story. I pre-ordered the iPhone 6 plus 64gb silver on 9/16. My card is charged. My phone comes on 9/20. Turns out my phone is the wrong one! T-Mobile sent me a regular iPhone 6 instead. Which blows my mind. How ever did I order the regular 6? Ok so I'm thinking I'm going crazy. Called T-Mobile back on the same day 9/20 to reorder for the correct phone. Did my electronic eip. Sent the regular 6 back. As weeks go by my order status keeps on changing on me. Backordered from 9/20 to 9/25 to 9/27 to 9/29. I called in about this and I get different answers all the time. One guy tells me I'll get my phone either on 9/26 or 9/27 or 9/29. Called next day to confirm because I never received a tracking number. Another rep tells me. No I'm not getting my phone at all. So I'm furious. All they could ever do was credit me was $10. Whatever. I always check my order status every single day from when it was ordered. And I get different dates. It changed from 11/01 to 10/17 and NOW 11/24! What the hell is going on?!!! I understand iPhones are in high demand but why all of this shifting dates and never getting a REAL answer?! Now I have to wait how many days?! Over 2 months for my phone?! This is ridiculous. If I don't get my phone soon. I'm going to have to cancel my order. No way I'm waiting this long to get my phone

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          I recently switched to T Mobile and ordered two phones from them. The first one is here and the second one on its way. Both experiences have shown me one thing - T-Mobile's own systems are not exactly on the mark when it comes to the status of your device.

          You may be better off doing one of these:

          1. If you have access to my.t-mobile.com, the order is shown there on the home page on the right upper corner. If the order is there - there is a good chance it is active in the system

          2. Call 800-672-5390 and plug in your order number

          3. Sign up for UPS MyChoice - it is free and when there is a package registered to be shipped to you - the site sends you a message


          Apple's own website is showing a three to four week delay for iPhone 6 plus -

          Also people have stated that they have bought a Verizon iPhone and used it on T Mobile - but please do that at your own risk - do not have personal experience and cannot speak to the veracity of this

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            I tried all of that already

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              I am sorry about your experience - I know the "not knowing" about the length of the wait can be the most aggravating part. I experienced it for a few days after the release. I can only hope you (and others who are waiting) get your devices soon. I think Apple seriously underestimated the demand ....