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    Will tmobile update the signal booster to a 4g signal booster when available?

      I really appreciate the Cell-Fi booster for drastically improving 3G and HSPA+ signals, which helps clear up dropped calls and provides enough speed to lookup things on Internet via the data. The speed of 3G / 4g (I'll give it a small g, as its about 1 ~ 2Mb) is helpful, but not near the LTE speeds seen a few blocks away.


      At the time, the 3G booster brought calls into the house, and I'm grateful. I'd like to know whether the Cell-Fi booster will be replaced by the updated version which covers both 3G/4g, and also LTE, and is now shipping?  It would be truly great to have access to use LTE data on the Tmobile phones we now have in the house and also to show visitors what great speeds are available in the T-mobile network ... While accidentally forgetting to mention just why the signal is so strong inside the house hehehe..)