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    How does CellSpot prioritize cell calls?


      With a large house, I need more than one wireless access point. I installed the CellSpot directly behind my modem and configured it for all of the necessary network operations (port forwarding, etc.) so that all internet traffic has to flow through the CellSpot.


      However, if I am at the other end of the house and connected to another access point with my phone, will wifi calls still be prioritized since the traffic is ultimately flowing through the CellSpot or does the phone have to connect to wifi through the CellSpot to be prioritized?  Put another way, will the CellSpot recognize wifi calling traffic no matter how it flows through the CellSpot, whether wired or wifi, or must the phone be connected to the CellSpot via wifi for the call to be prioritized?


      Additionally, I assume that wifi calls are prioritized over all internet traffic on the CellSpot, whether wired or wireless, but please confirm this as well as I have many computers connected via wired connections.


      This conversation started in the following thread but was closed by TMO without them providing an answer: Re: Does router prioritize t-mobile phone calls?


      Please let me know if I can provide additional clarity on my questions.


      Thank you.