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    Very disappointing customer service

      I've been a loyal T-mobile customer for YEARS. Currently my account has EIGHT UNLIMITED LINES, with the hope of adding more lines pretty soon, since out family is growing. Well, not now.

      Not only you have to wait RIDICULOUS amount of time when you call the CS number, you get SHAMELESSLY RUDE representatives! The rep I talked to (Name: Kaira, Employee ID 14157284) had the guts to tell me (and I quote) "Listen to me SWEETY, you're lying to me, and I need to escalate this call to my supervisor" when she was trying to verify info on my account. And I'll be honest, I have all empathy in the world for people, who are underpaid, but there is a limit to anything! How do they even HIRE people like that?? She spoke perfect english, or should I say perfectly RUDE ENGLISH?

      Moving on - the supervisor, in turn, could neither help, no speak a decent English and refused to  transfer me to ho his manager due to the fact that there is, apparently, NO NUMBER TO TRANSFER TO!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? A MANAGER OF A PHONE COMPANY WITH A NON-EXISTENT PHONE NUMBER??? Such a joke!

      I honestly can't deal with this BS anymore and taking my business elsewhere. If you are reading this and thinking of getting a line with T-Mobile, than STAY AWAY. You'll be better off without them.