last night's blood moon/lunar eclipse

    who all seen it? I wanted so badly to get up but didn't set my alarm and realized it was too late when my regular alarm woke me up

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        Re: last night's blood moon/lunar eclipse

        I didn't -- I woke up, my cousin in Florida sent a couple pics from her phone.  I asked why she was mooning us, and she suggested I go outside to view it.  I told her it would require me to put clothes on.  I was convinced to and apparently I didn't have a view of it thanks to nearby trees.


        My sister didn't get to see it because there were storms in her area -- a super cell that may have been a tornado (no injuries reported thus far, but lots of damage).  Friend of mine got video of the aftermath of Mountain Rd closed.


        (I live in the Atlanta area, so I was closer to being mooned than winding up in Oz)