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    Trade In Value has changed, but set up new account prior.  Help!

      Can a rep here  help me with something?  I ordered my iPhone 6 on September 29th.  At the time of order, I was assured by the rep that I needed to keep my phone and trade in when my new one arrived.  I paid for overnight.  If the phone had been in stock, I would have had it on September 30th.


      it wasn't in stock, obviously...I am now being told that I will NOT get the value of the phone I am trading in on the day I ORDERED, but on the day I send the phone in.  How can T-Mobile justify that, if that is the case?  I am fully ready to go with another carrier, because between being lied to about getting the value "locked in" and the amount of time I have had to spend trying to explain myself, I am very frustrated with CS.  I am new to T-Mobile; I was switching based on the amazing trade in value.


      I have reached out on Twitter and FB, and called.  I have been informed (albeit politely) that it isn't T-Mobile's fault that I didn't get my new phone before the values plummeted ($201 to $70 and $201 to $100, respectively). WHile I agree with that, it isn't my fault that the company doesn't have them in stock.  I ordered in good faith, can prove that my order was placed on the 29th of September,  and was advised that I would absolutely get the full value at the time of that order. 


      Am I the only one that was misled on this, and did the rep that took my order lie?


      Thank so much.  I just want my phone, but I'm not making the switch without the original value. 

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          Hi - I have almost exactly the same situation and spent almost 2 hours online trying to get someone to resolve the issue. I also was assure that I could still get the trade in deal after my new phones arrived, but now I am only be offered $100 for an iPhone 4s. I even have the transcript of the online agent giving me the details. Customer service has been completely unhelpful and basically refuses to acknowledge their responsibility. This must have happened to thousands of people because if you ordered online near the expiration date there is no way you could trade in your phones. I called a t-mobile store and they said they wouldn't accept trade ins for an online order and when I tried to go through the web site, I couldn't complete the trade in because I didn't have an account set up yet. If I can I'm going to go back to ATT. It's not just the money - it's the unethical behavior that upsets me.

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            I am so relieved that it isn't just me, but sad, disappointed, and furious

            that there is no remedy. We, too spent two hours on the phone. I, too, have

            chat transcripts. They are not going to honor this, which is disgusting on

            their part. The reality is that the phone operator was ASKED TWICE both

            before and after the order if we would qualify. He used the term "locked

            in." It sounded legitimate. I had no reason not to believe him. For us, it

            was two phones, so $402. That's almost a whole phone! My husband had opted

            to get the Galaxy S5 so that I could get the 64gb iPhone 6. So essentially,

            his phone was in stock, could have reached us by deadline, and yet, because

            of policy, he also is not receiving his phone.


            This behavior is unacceptable. While it is clear that they have plenty of

            people to fill our spots in line, there should be recourse for this. This

            is not a case of us not reading fine print. This is negligence and lying at

            worst, and a refusal to stand up for your customer when your employee is

            misleading at best. To make matters even more interesting, they won't allow

            me to cancel so I can go elsewhere. I was told that I have to refuse



            I bought the phone while the deal was active. I ONLY bought the phone

            because of the deal. I was lied to, and it's not my fault the phone wasn't

            ready for shipping. I really hope they rethink this, because I'm not only

            going to choose another carrier, I'm going to be very vocal about this

            disgrace in customer service. I'm sorry, but ordering within the time frame

            should count, and if it didn't, someone should have been honest. Because I

            could have bought a 128 in store and opted not to, and I'm kicking

            myself...though really, I'm glad to know what kind of a company I've

            escaped dealing with.


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              We can definitely understand your concern ljones2224 and markalber Unfortunately, If a trade-in device is received after the expiration date of the offer, you'll receive the device's current trade-in value (on the day it's received) and a text message with the transaction details. Please keep in mind that you're under no obligation to trade-in the device with us. You're more than welcome to sell the device yourself.  Also, we'll honor our "best trade-in price" offer Best trade-in value FAQs

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                Hi ljones2224!


                We know it's important to receive the best value for your device! Do you by chance have your Twitter username that you tweeted us with available? This way we can take a closer look at this for you and see what options are available.

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                  Is this a serious response? Did you actually read what I said? Let me ask two questions. Does it matter that I was told more than one time that I would receive the promotional trade in value as long as I purchased my phones before the deal expired? Explain how someone could buy a phone prior to 9/30/14 and trade in their old phones when the web site wouldn't process the order until the new phones arrived? @

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                    That's not really the problem. The person I spoke to when initiating the

                    purchase told me (I was very specific; I did not misunderstand) that I

                    would be locked in to the value based on the day of trade. You can spin

                    this however they tell you to; the fact remains that at the time of

                    purchase, I could have picked up an iPhone 6 in store. Because I needed two

                    of them, the CS people in store suggested ordering online or over the

                    phone. I explained all of this to the CS person I spoke to. My husband even

                    got on the phone and verified all of this. We had no reason not to believe

                    what we were told, and as you can see, we weren't the only ones. That's

                    $402 for our phones. Last I checked, your company was offering $65 and $90,

                    respectively. We will not hit the $201 value again; you know this, and we

                    were only switching at this time for this reason. As far as being welcome

                    to keep our device, I'm not even sure how to take that statement. If you

                    pull the phone call (stated it was being recorded) you would hear Delbert

                    from Idaho promising my family the $201 per phone BASED ON THE DAY OF

                    ORDER. The truth is, your company sold phones you don't have, and by the

                    time the phone gets here EVERY trade in deal will be expired. That may not

                    be T-Mobile's fault, but it certainly isn't mine.


                    As an educator who teaches students how to argue effectively for a living,

                    I'm not impressed with any of the platitudes or rhetoric being thrown my

                    way. None of this addresses that we proceeded based on information we were

                    falsely given. T-Mobile ought to honor the value from day of purchase.


                    And yes. I do have the option of keeping my 4s. I also have the option of

                    keeping my current carrier, calling the BBB, and letting everyone I come

                    into contact with know about my experience. I realize that all of you are

                    just doing your job, but this situation is completely unacceptable and just

                    wrong. I'm quite certain that many of you that are responding know this.


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                      Very well put! I assume this is some type of cooperate decision based on money, but I also think it’s short sighted. Why spend so much on advertising and create a lot of bad publicity with this type of policy. I too will do everything I can to make this unacceptable behavior public using word of mouth, social media, BBB etc. I care about the money, of course, but I’m appalled that a company will just outright lie to get a few extra dollars.



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                        @markalber, this response is even sadder than being lied to in the first

                        place. They aren't going up do anything. Why should they? They don't even

                        have phones to send out! I'm not even complaining about my lack of phone; I

                        just wanted them to honor their commitment. Now I just want remedy for the

                        $402 I was promised when I switched to T-Mobile on September 29th. At least

                        this provided a terrific and timely real- world example when discussing

                        ethics and morality in business this week. My students are quite hilarious

                        in their creative solutions.


                        I'm honestly just going to either keep my current phone or go with one of

                        the other carriers. The Apple store quoted me $105 for my phone, so that

                        might be a good route for you as well, Mark. That gets you a true unlocked

                        phone, too. I'm just not willing to do business with T-Mobile if this is

                        what I can expect from customer service. What I don't really understand is

                        why we were misled/lied to and no one from T-Mobile will step up and take a

                        stand for their customers.


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                          Matt, I sure do, but the reply was the same as what I've been told here.

                          I'd be ok with that, if that had been what I was told by CS reps online and

                          over the phone. The nonsense I've witnessed over this release is epic. Part

                          of the reason I didn't purchase in store was that one of CS reps I spoke to

                          there suggested I could get my phone faster if I added two or more

                          accessories to my order. I mean, really? This whole situation is just sad.

                          I honestly don't understand why I was told one thing and now another.

                          That's the real issue here. I spoke to two other reps via chat online

                          before calling and making the switch; I was told the same thing all three

                          times. Which part of that is not coming through? Why is that not being

                          addressed? I'm pretty sure that Mark and I are not the only people this has

                          happened to. Bottom line: told I was locked in, told to keep my phone till

                          delivery of new, new phone ordered within the promotion date, T-Mobile

                          unable to deliver phone within promo time  (not T-Mobile's fault, but not

                          mine, either).


                          Given all of that, don't any of you see why this is unacceptable? I could

                          have an AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint iPhone in hand WITH the $200 value for

                          each phone applied well before now. Because I believed false promises and

                          all the advertising put out by T-Mobile, I chose YOUR company. Why aren't

                          you choosing to honor your commitment to customer service? Completely

                          UNacceptable, UNcarrier. Is there a higher up that can look into this for

                          us? I know all of you here are just doing your job. I appreciate the polite

                          responses, and I empathize with the position you are in. I'm just not

                          remotely understanding the choices your company is making.


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                            To add to this mess:


                            Verizon is offering $200 if I purchase an iPhone 6. So I am thinking YAY!!!!  I will actually just walk into a store, get my trade in value, suck it up and buy a 128 GB, and voila!  New phone, despite my skepticism of all things T-Mobile right now.


                            ...And T-Mobile won't honor this because it's a promotional value?  Exactly what does a price matching policy mean?  I am really just appalled at the ridiculous absurdity of this entire situation.


                            Really, I just want the value I was PROMISED BY DELBERT FROM IDAHO on9/29.  It was $201.


                            Mark was offered the same, and many others, I am sure. I have a feeling it's going to get very ugly up in here when those phones arrive and the promised values aren't upheld.


                            Is there a higher up incorporate that I can call? Because, really--y'all are lovely and I don't blame ANY of the very kind reps that have been addressing this here. However, your company higher ups is sanctioning lying to customers, and I am over it.  No one on Twitter is saying anything different.  No one on FB is saying anything different.  It's just the blah blah- day of trade in- you are mistaken- blahblah blahhhh.


                            I am NOT mistaken.  I know what I was told (several times!) via phone.

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                              This is very distressing, to say the least.

                              i, too, ordered an iPhone 6 in-store on September 29, and it certainly WAS because T-Mobile was matching the trade-in prices and quoted me $201. My sales rep said that even though the iPhone 6 64 GB was out of stock and. I would trade in my phone when I received the new one, I would definitely get the value quoted on the day I ordered.

                              now I have been waiting two weeks for my phone, and if it turns out I won't get the $201 I was quoted, (and I made sure my rep initialed the page with the quote on it) I will cancel my whole order and stick with my current phone and carrier. I chose to switch to T-Mobile because of their good deals and because they didn't seem to pull the same old tricks as the other companies.

                              Our trade-in values from when we ordered and "locked-in" must be valued.

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                                In your case, a rep initialed it, and you might be ok. All I received was a

                                signed EIN, and though the rep "assured" me the value as of that day ($201)

                                was in the notes, when we called, it mysteriously wasn't.


                                On Twitter yesterday, I was informed that even if I had a signed copy, TMo

                                doesn't give the true value till they receive the device and that I might

                                not have gotten $201, anyway.  That is disturbing on a totally different

                                level. In your case, I would call and verify. I can tell you that I was

                                told that they would not review the phone call and if I had chat

                                screenshots, it didn't matter. I hope you do qualify/find a loophole. If

                                you do, let me know.


                                I think if I can figure out how to get this order cancelled, I'm going to

                                purchase from Apple and go with a different carrier. Tmobile quite

                                obviously neither wants nor needs my business enough to stand behind what

                                their employees told me. It's not about the money at this point.


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                                  Yes that IS disturbing on a whole 'nother level.


                                  Well I just found out I was charged for my new phone so it should be on the way soon and I will find out for sure.

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                                    YAY!!!!!  PLEASE report back here if they do, in fact, give you the full value.  I am super curious!

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