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    What is going on here?

      Hi! I'm just looking for any help on this situation,  or if anyone's going through the same thing (which I'm sure there's quite a few), BUT.....

      I decided to use my JUMP upgrade towards the iPhone 6 (4.7in.) &placed the order on 9/22. I followed the directions in the email they sent me for the EIP agreement &everything.  Then this past Thursday,  10/2, my card finally gets charged for the taxes/shipping. The following day, 10/3, I get a text saying my device is being SHIPPED, but whenever I try to check the status, it still says it being processed.  &as of yesterday morning,  10/4, I get a text saying my order remains a priority to them &will notify me once it ships?


      This is so confusing &it seems like I'm just going in a circle with these guys!


      Any insight would be awesome.  Thanks!