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    this is the worst thing to see from a big company such as t mobile for the iphone 6plus #tmobilegate

      Ok i ordered my device on the 22nd and it was out of no where canceled and it shows on my credit report which took away points on my credit score.. smh so i ordered again finally after clearing my credit report.. ordered again on sept 26th and still nothing EIP done and all order is complete money was paid. and i get a 6 week back order ok fine i can deal with that... until i seen this :

      Newest update


      Ordered: 9/28 then canceled

      Reordered 10/2

      Scheduled delivery 10/6 next day air

      I had ground, but T-Mobile has switched it.

      Louisville, KY, United States10/04/20141:00 A.M.Origin Scan
      United States10/02/20148:34 P.M.Order Processed: Ready for UPS


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      khoreyaNewbie Bronze

      This is a nightmare first they chage me $455 when my total was $155 so i

      had to cancel that order again they didnt process the order order again

      paid $288 for the 128gb gold 6 because it did not say it was on backorder

      and gave me the option for Saturday delivery now Im being told 4-7 days I

      would have never bought this one if it was on backorder too. And I still

      dont have my money back for the other order that was not processed. Can

      someone please respond to me.

      "It really doesn't make any sense, but apparently my iPhone was shipped today.


      Model ordered:  iPhone 6 64GB Gold

      TIme ordered: Wednesday 9/24 @ 3:02pm PST

      Status: Shipped 10/03/2014 at 02:33:07 PM via UPS Next Day Air Saver; tracking number received.

      Card charged: Early this morning (10/3)

      Shipping Ordered: UPS Ground (but this doesn't matter since they said they're upgrading everyone).


      WOW ARE YOU  KIDDING! #TMOBILEGATE forget #bendgate. this is the worst service i have seen this is the second year this has happened i will def look for a better company to do business with. thanks t mobile