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    Customer Service wants over $500 for Asus Cell Spot!!

      Can anyone tell me why Customer Service wants me to pay over $500 to get an Asus cell spot from a 3rd party company!!


      I called a few days before the release date to find out what I had to do to get an Asus Cellspot router when it came out. Spoke with several different representatives and got off the phone satisfied that I had all the information I needed to get one. The launch date happened to fall when I was moving, so I didn't get the chance to go to my local store to pick one up before the move... oh well just get one on the other side... fast forward a week... no local store carrying them, ok no biggie.. called customer service to get one ordered....


      Spent over an hour on the phone with 5 different departments only to be told I can only purchase one through a 3rd party company's website for $575!!!!!


      (When searching the web, and T-mobile's own support forums it is clear that full purchase for this device is $99)


      Can anyone from T-mobile PLEASE PLEASE reach out an tell me how the heck I can get this device before I have to cancel my service from such poor reception at my new house!?!?