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    Cellspot intermittent instability

      I'm having an issue with the stability of my internet connection with the Cellspot router. I have strong signal and never lose connection to the router, but my internet connection seems to drop out intermittently. It is most noticeable when streaming Netflix.  I can run speed tests all day long that tell me I am getting 15 up and down. 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, doesn't matter.  Both are doing the same thing.


      Wifi calls are terrible. Google Hangouts drops out if it connects at all.


      I can watch the built-in real-time traffic monitor on the router.and watch it drop out.


      I have played with Qos, broadcast channels, and Network Key Rotation Interval to no avail.


      I have hooked my old router back up to confirm that there are no issues with my internet. Streaming is fine. Hangouts is fine. Speed tests come back with roughly the same numbers. Everything works fine when connected to my old router. It is definitely the Cellspot router.


      I am stumped.  Any advice is appreciated.

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          which band you mainly use the 2.4 or 5 GHZ?

          are you surrounded by a bunch of other wifi networks?

          who is you ISP?

          I am using mine and have no problem

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            The only thing I might suggest is to make sure the 2.4 SSID and the 5Ghz are named differently like the default names and connect you devices to only one. All my iPhones and iPads, Macs and stuff use the 5Ghz SSID and my Chromecast and printer use the 2.4. Have not had a single problem.

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              I am using both, but I had Netflix streaming off of 2.4Ghz by itself. I have fiber to the house, so no problems on that end. 2.4 and 5 have unique names. I have a couple of other networks in range, but like I said, I tried several different channels that I am sure no one else is using.

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                Well mine doesn't have these issues, however my netflix I use it through the blu-ray which is sitting beside the router so it's wired, if i use it through my pc which is on a different floor it works fine but my pc is connected to the 5 ghz band, now I do have an iptv that streams channels through the Internet and only supports the 2.4 ghz and on a different floor than the router actually it is better with this router,  by the way this iptv uses 3.6 GB per hour and is not affecting the wifi calling quality did i mention that i can be using my pc at the same time and my wife on hers too?

                My 5 ghz band i left it on auto channel but the 2.4 i had to find a better channel,  the one that worked the best for me was channel 8, I have the netgear genie app that shows me the wifi channels on both bands and which one of these channels are being used by the neighbors it helped me pick up an empty one,  i did a speedtest on all of them and 8 was the best since 1,6, and 11 are used by everybody if you did that try to pick up a higher number channel they are faster,  and if you checked the speed don't do it while sitting next to the router,  do it from a distance that will tell you if your connection is solid or not, so my recommendation is reset the router and don't play much with the settings,  i did that exploring and I had to reset it after 4 days,  so just change the names and passwords and find a good channel for the 2.4 ghz band and let me know if things got better.

                BTW the only other thing I did was setting up a vpn that's all

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                  Reset the router to factory and still have the same issues. Used the Netgear Wifi app to check channels and played around with that. Same behavior. I'm stumped. Traffic drops off after a couple of minutes.


                  I am running without issue on my old router for now. I'm going to call tech support and see if they can help.

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                    When you set up the wireless,  make sure to tick optimized for xbox and the ither one b/g thing

                    What kind of Internet that gives you 15 up and down?

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                      The b/g protect thing is checked.  I will look at the xbox thing when I get home. 


                      I have fiber to the house.  I LOVE the speed.  I can be streaming Netflix on three different devices and browse the internet without a hiccup... on my old router.

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                        Ok good, optimization of the xbox made a difference with my 2.4 band speed

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                          Optimized for xbox on, b/g protection off per this article - http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/wireless/2003/08/08/wireless_throughput.html


                          Stability is improved. I'll continue to test, but it only hard crashed once at 30 minutes and buffered briefly three times over 2+ hours.  Better, but not perfect. I'll report back tomorrow.

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                            ok, good to know

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                              Hard crashed twice more. :/ Better, but still not very happy...

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                                crashed like how? it stops working completely? or with just some stuff? does it start functioning by itself or needs a reboot?

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                                  let me also understand how your network is connected

                                  1. I don't know what kind of service is this that gives you a speed of 15 up and 15 down?

                                  2. is this fiber thing a cable or DSL?

                                  3. is your cellspot connected to a modem?

                                  4.did you disconnect your old router or using it as a bridge?

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                                    Fiber-optic internet runs to the side of my house. There is a junction box that translates the optical signal to an electrical signal and then transfers it to a network jack in my house. The cellspost is plugged directly into the wall jack. Old router is completely disconnected.


                                    When I say "crashed" I am talking about the traffic on the router.  I can see it drop to zero in the traffic monitor and I have to back all the way out of Netflix and go back in.

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