THE WP 8.1+Cyan Update Master Thread

    I've read through all of the Windows Phone 8.1 update and Lumia Cyan update inquiry threads (of which there are many), and I would like to create a summary/master thread here. I'd like to begin a dialogue and start it from a point fairness for both sides, and based on facts. I realize many are frustrated, impatient, and upset, but I don't want to start things off on that foot as I don't think it furthers anything along. I'd also like this thread to save people from having to read through half the forum by condensing the pertinent information from other threads into one.


    (Edit, more to follow as the forum keeps rejecting my post...)

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      • 7-15-2014 - WP 8.1 Begins official roll out to carrier phones

        7-15-2014 - Lumia 925s begin loading WP 8.1 and Cyan internationally

        7-31-2014 - AT&T updates Lumia 925 to WP 8.1

        8-4-2014 - WP 8.1.1 (the NEXT update after WP 8.1) released to Preview for Developers users

        8-23-2014 - T-Mobile Announces WP 8.1 coming to Lumia 521 and 925 "later this year"

        9-21-2014 - Summer ends, WP 8.1 still not rolled out to T-Mobile phones

        9-22-2014 - WP 8.1.1 (the NEXT update after WP 8.1) begins official rollout

        TODAY: WP 8.1 still not rolled out to T-Mobile phones, no other timetable or dates given other than "this year"

        • These are simply facts and the times at which they occurred. In response to demand for WP 8.1, T-Mobile has given the following resources:



          A. "Where's my software update?"

          A. "Software update development FAQs"


          To summarize, T-Mobile promised WP 8.1 by Summer 2014, but missed this target. T-Mobile last promised WP 8.1 by the end of the year, but hasn't given any more specifics than this. As the first promised date was broken, T-Mobile users are understandably anxious that this may happen yet again. T-Mobile has noted that the 8.1 software is compiled entirely by Microsoft, with T-Mobile only responsible for testing of the software. This effectively gives T-Mobile only two courses of action: either approve or reject the software delivered to them. This would indicate that thus far, T-Mobile has chosen to reject all implementations of WP 8.1 running on the 925.


          I would suggest that the best course of action by T-Mobile at this point is one of maximum transparency. Instead of angry cries of "Where is my WP 8.1?" and ambiguous timelines of deployment, T-Mobile would likely be privy to understanding and patience from its loyal customers. People are generally reasonable, and if you give us a legitimate reason for the hold up and a detailed map of the approval process, we are much more likely to be satisfied in regards to T-Mobile's efforts. For us looking from the outside in, we have many unanswered questions:


          • Why does WP 8.1 work on other Lumia 925s and not T-Mobile's?
          • If it is down to specific T-Mobile features such as Wi-Fi Calling and Visual Voicemail, why does this not affect the Lumia 635, which runs WP 8.1 on T-Mobile's network?
          • How is it that other carriers have been able to approve WP 8.1 for release three months ago, yet T-Mobile needs up to an extra 6 months to do what took them only three months to complete?
          • Does this have to do with clout? Does Microsoft simply not give the same level of care to T-Mobile because it is the underdog? (While you might think this is a liability to release, in actuality I think most of us would be much more likely to support you against that particular Goliath if that is the problem. I know I would.)
          • If Microsoft is truly to blame for the delay, and updates are a joint effort between T-Mobile and Microsoft (or Google or Apple), why not hire a Windows Phone developer to build your Wi-Fi Calling, Visual Voicemail, Mobile Wallet, and other apps to work as intended? Should not the expense be much less than the potential customers you stand to lose?
          • Why are so few of your stores, T-Force members, and other staff given so little information about T-Mobile corporate roadmap, specifically regarding Windows Phones? (When I purchased my 925, even days before, no one could even tell me what color would be available.)
          • Would not a policy of transparency be better for T-Mobile? Is it not important for the hands to know what the head is doing?


          I think the general sentiment from us is that we have paid a premium for a premium phone (I bought my 925 for $530+tax direct from T-Mobile) and we would like a premium experience. We understand that you are trying to make sure we get that by thoroughly testing the software. It is important to us that things like W-Fi calling work flawlessly, and if that is the holdup, please just tell us so. Is there any upside to keeping everything so secret? To leaving us to wonder if the update will be released tomorrow or in the middle of Winter?



          1. Support for the Lumia 810 was dropped less than a year after it went on sale. With your 2-year payment plan, it is likely that many were still paying off the purchase price on a phone which T-Mobile decided to prematurely "End of Life" while customers were still using and paying for it.
          2. T-Mobile already promised and then failed to meet a release deadline for WP 8.1 this Summer
          3. A timeline of over 4 months (less than 3 now) is an awfully vague and frustrating waiting period to trust T-Mobile to simply "wait it out"
          4. No replacement for the 925 is offered from T-Mobile to upgrade to even if we wanted to just for the sake of WP 8.1
          5. T-Mobile has only a single Windows Phone on offer for some time now. We worry T-Mobile's commitment to WP and its customers will vanish


          I respect T-Mobile for not gouging its customers, for offering unlimited calling, texting, and data, for freedom from contracts, and free services like Visual Voicemail, Wi-Fi Calling, phone tethering, and more. However, due to the frustration, we have already seen a number of people jump ship to other carriers. I must admit, that when all is said and done, if T-Mobile fails to keep the 925 current by the end of the year as promised, I will likewise be leaving for another carrier. I realize that Windows Phone users are not the majority at T-Mobile, not by a longshot, but perhaps if enough of us make enough noise, we will get the service we deserve as paying customers. Rather than return links, excuses, or repeating vague timelines, I'd like to pre-emptively thank any T-Mobile staff and T-Force members who escalate this up the food chain. This is the proper way to handle problems like this in business: If you cannot solve it, keep sending it up the corporate ladder until there is a solution. Even if we have to go all the way up to John J. Legere himself, this issue needs to be addressed and not merely left for someone else to handle.

          • Thank you fixthis for having the insight to establish a single post.  I recall earlier this year TM was last to the party with the Black update.   This time with Cyan, I am beyond livid.  On the verge of changing to ATT where they seem to care about maintaining/updating their existing devices.  If folks have not done so already send emails to .  With enough traffic perhaps the proverbial squeaky wheel will get the grease, or at least an "official" reply on this forum to explain their situation.   The times I've emailed I do get a call....and some nebulous excuse.   Next is to contact Microsoft since it is in their interest($) to have Lumia customer satisfaction given they just brought Nokia (otherwise large goodwill writedown on the value - shareholders wouldn't like that).  I just tried - waiting for a response.  Perhaps tipping off online review sites (including comments on all phones offered on TM website) about TM's neglect of phone owners.  Finally, the nuclear approach:  class action suit for neglect.  Unfortunately, the last one always grabs their attention - let's hope the bozos at TM don't leave us with this choice.

              • Sent a polite and informed email to and got a reply and phone call from their "Executive Office".  Person gave me the run around and basically said they don't have any information.  How could the "Executive Office" not have any information??? 


                I think it is all a ruse and that their "Executive Office" is nothing more than someone who politely listens and nothing else.  Still waiting to see if I get a reply from Microsoft.


                In the meantime it might be helpful if you could have a link somehow to the start of your thread in one of the other categories such as Windows Phone>General Discussions instead of just the Windows Phone>Lumia 925.  That way more WP users can be alerted to what you have done and where you are going with this.

              • Thank you fixthis!  You just communicated what I have been trying to do through multiple other threads.  I agree with cicuscircus that we might have to take a nuclear approach. I know there are many frustrated WP customers that have expressed their frustration on this website as well as  Time to start a ground swell!

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                  • Thank you fixthis.

                    • So it has been couple of weeks since my last phone conversation with TMobile Executive office (via Legere's email - see my post above).  I just placed v-msg with same repr. to see what status is.  I will also inform them my plans to seek legal assistance - our nuclear option - class action law firm.  I'm sure by googling I should be able to sniff out a reputable outfit that specialize in telecom-related issues.   Should cost us nothing as lawyers will be seeking a big settlement.  Perhaps then, we will get our Cyan update in short order along with a settlement check for $0.49. 

                      • Thanks for the summary.  I bought my 925 in April with the knowledge the update would come out in the summer.  I have been disappointed to have to wait so long.  I agree some clear answers would go a long way to help with my frustration.

                        • Received a call in response to my latest email to Legere.  The representative naturally did not have timeframe but it seems that 521 phones will not receive an update to 8.1, only 925.  Although not clear (as usual), it seems TMobile is hinting the delays rest on Microsoft.   If that is the case who can we bug on the Microsoft side then.....just gave a Nokia 800 number to call - yeah, big help.

                          Anyway, I did manage to forcefully convey that many TM Nokia owners are quite perturbed with the lack on any information and the lengthy delay.  Further mentioned that I have been researching attorneys that specialize in class action suits in the telecom industry (Girard Gibbs, for one).  Despite the nebulous response on 8.1 status, the representative certainly had a more pointed things (somewhat threatening in tone) to say about any potential pursuit of legal action.  I continued by saying that if feasible,at least though some discovery process, TM WP devices owners will at least get answers to what is going on and where the problem resides.  If I have time, I may reach out to experienced law firms to gauge case merit and their interest.  

                          • I might suggest that frustrated customers start contacting the editors at:




                            They are always looking for content and this might give the public exposure that is needed.

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                              • perhaps if we all left (negative) feedback here: Availability in North America - Nokia


                                (at bottom of page)

                                • So i've been reading all these posts for quite sometime and feel the same way as everyone. I finally got tired of waiting for t-mobile and decided (after doing some research) update my phone directly through Microsoft bypassing t-mobile completely. It's not the difficult and I'm loving the the new OS, especially Cortana. The only thing, that i noticed so far, is that I don't have the Wi-Fi Calling. If that's something major for you then I wouldn't suggest doing what I did. To me, it didn't matter much for the short term until t-mobile releases their version. So if anyone wants to update themselves, I kind of outlined it below how to go about it. I will do my best to check back in case anyone has any questions.

                                  1. Download from the app store - Preview for Developers

                                  2. It will request that you log into your Microsoft Acct, once you do it will tell you that you aren't register as a developer.

                                  3. There will be in the app a link to register as a developer or you can just search online how to register as one.

                                  4. Register as an app developer (it's free) through the app studio

                                  5. Go back to your Preview for Developers app and log back in with your Microsoft Acct and it will recognize that you are registered as a developer now.

                                  6. Now when you go to Settings in your phone and search "check for updates" your phone will start looking for updates.

                                  7. My phone had two major updates before it started the third update which was 8.1 cyan

                                  8. Make sure your phone is connect to wi-fi and plugged in. All and all, it took about an hour for all three updates and there is a fourth (at least for me) after I installed 8.1


                                  I'm just going by memory on this but these are the general steps to get 8.1 cyan free through Microsoft and not waiting for t-mobiles. I did read that once t-mobiles version comes out, you will still get prompted to download t-mobiles version if you choose to do so. So you will never lose out of the ability to get the Wi-Fi calling down the road.


                                  Good luck and I hope I helped someone to get 8.1 cyan update on their phone!

                                    • Thanks Duke for the detailed instructions.  With my luck just after downloading the developer version, I'd get a text msg stating upgrade is now available. 


                                      My feeling is that T-Mob will upgrade our phone os when Windows 10 is released next year - naturally after a lengthy delay. 


                                        • you are welcome. I know i though the same thing but it was well worth it and love the new 8.1 OS! Couldn't be happier.


                                          my feeling is that t-mo will not release the update till late november, early december after the new holiday phones are available like the new lumia and htc to get people to switch their phones who just can't wait for the update anymore for their phones (925). that's why i decided to just go ahead and do the developer preview.


                                          loving it so far, cortana has already made my lifer easier, OS is responding great and faster than the old version. notification center is a breathe of fresh air also. been great so far and like i said, only takes about an hour or so to download all the updates (as long as you have a good wi-fi connection).


                                          let me know if you go through with it or not!

                                        • Hi duke3050.  I'm pretty sure don't have Lumia Cyan (which is a firmware update).  The Developers Preview is Windows Phone 8.1 which is the software OS update.  Without the firmware update you will most likely not have Wifi calling and performance issues (ie. the battery).  Also, T-Mobile claims it supposedly invalidates the warranty on the phone.


                                          Even if you download the DP onto your phone you will still have to wait till T-Mobile releases the Lumia Cyan firmware update.

                                        • 10-28-2014 - Windows Phone 8.1 and Cyan officially released for T-Mobile 925 (I'd edit the original post to reflect today's date but the forum does not allow it).


                                          I can confirm 100% that I now officially have WP 8.1 and Cyan on T-Mobile 925 in Los Angeles. Of note, I had 16 application upgrades after the update, so check those.


                                          Here is the first update (it comes in two stages). It takes a bit less that the actual 8.1 update:



                                          wp_ss_20141028_0004 mod







                                          Followed by the actual, official 8.1 and Cyan update:


                                          wp_ss_20141028_0007 mod





                                          • If its out for the 925, when will it be out for 521? I thought they was to be released at the same time?

                                            • Well i am a 521 user and i just got the whole pre update download on my phone.Haven't gotten the rest of it yet, but it seems to be that its finally on its way to the 521. about darn time i say. Anyone else get theirs yet?

                                              • I know the original thread was for Cyan, but might as well continue with Denim:

                                                2-25-2015 - Windows Phone 8.1.1 and Denim officially released for T-Mobile 925


                                                I also want to say thanks to those at T-Mobile for getting out this update to us so quickly. I really was not expecting it until later this year, or possibly even having to wait for Win 10. We do appreciate it when you take care of us!