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    two cellspots but 2Ghz won't connect


      I got two cellspots so I can extend my wireless signal throughout my home (brick and cement blocks all around). I have the 2nd cell spot set up as an AP connected to the main cellspot via WAN to LAN cable running across the house. I set up my WiFi names on both routers to be identical (this is how my old setup worked to extend the WiFi signal). I'm not interested in using the WDS option as this drops wireless speed and is a wireless to wireless connection. I am able to access the 5Ghz band without issues with my phone (HTC One M8) and roam around most of the home without dropping the connection, but on the 3rd floor the signal drops to 0 in most spots. The 2Ghz band has full bars on the 3rd floor and my phone will connect and received a valid IP address, but the connection keeps dropping consistently to make it unusable.


      Have I set the two routers up correctly to extend the wifi signal, or do they have to have two separate independent WiFi names? Is there something else going on? any insight is greatly appreciated.