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    I just started with T-Mobile and have a brand new phone. I selected visual voicemail, and it asked me to 'Set a new PIN code' and to re-enter the new PIN for verification.


    I entered a PIN number twice, which it seemed to take, and then pressed the word 'NEXT'. The next page said "The entered PIN is incorrect"


    How can it be an incorrect number? I'm entering it for the very first time!. It is asking me to enter a new PIN, so the software presumably knows that this is the first time entry.


    This isn't a problem of the number not being long enough (which it complains about until you enter enough numbers) or if the two entries don't match (which it would also complains about until they match). This is a T-Mobile voicemail PIN, so I don't think a phone reset would do anything. I haven't used any other type of voicemail on this phone.


    There was no problem with this with other phones on the same plan.


    I tried calling support, but there is a 30+ minute wait, so I was wondering if anyone has run into this issue and knows the solution (or what I'm doing wrong).


    Edit add:

    I tried the shortcodes:

    #PWD# (#793#)  Reset your voicemail password.

    #PWO# (#796#)  Turn the voicemail password on or off.

    But it said it wasn't able to perform these actions, presumably because the voicemail password was never set the first time.

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        Okay, I figured it out.


        I'm new to T-Mobile, so all I know about how to use it is what's on the phone. There is no 'Voice Mail' button, at least that I could find. There is a 'Visual Voice Mail' button. So that's what I used. And that's what led to the ridiculous situation where it was asking for a new PIN, but then told me that it wasn't the correct PIN. I would call this a bad user-interface software bug, and T-Mobile should fix it for future customers.


        The solution is to set up 'regular' voice mail. That is found by pressing the '1' button. Maybe regular T-Mobile customers just know this, or maybe their phone has a 'regular voice mail' button, because otherwise how did other customers figure this out?


        After doing this, and entering a PIN here, instead of under Visual Voice Mail, then Visual Voice mail worked!


        (Thanks to T-Mobile support, who were very helpful despite the 30 minute wait. I hope the wait is because T-Mobile is getting lots of new customers, which increases the number of calls to their support staff).


        By the way--I love T-Mobile--so much better than Sprint!!!