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    International Roaming with Wi-Fi enabled phone

      Is there anyone traveling to European or Asian counties with a wi-fi enabled phone on the simple choice group plan? How was the experience? Specifically --


      A) Is there anyone who was at London or Brussels or India? 

      B) Were you seeing 4g LTE?

      C) Were you taxed for data usage in the next bill?

      D) Did you try any VoIP app / service to call out? E.g. Skype?


      I'm planning to upgrade to an iPhone six, so some of these considerations are key.


      There is a "High speed" pass option revealed here -

      Simple Choice International Plans | Unlimited Data & Text | T-Mobile

      (Look under

      Will I get the same high-speed network experience now internationally, as I do here at home in the U.S.?