iPhone 6: Data not working?

    I recently switched from Verizon to T-Mobile's Simple Choice family plan with unlimited talk, text, and unlimited 2G data (with an additional 2.5G 4G data/month until 2016, it will drop to 1G 4G/month).


    I have full text and call functionality (sending and receiving), but my Data simply does NOT work. It always shows that it is connected to the network (4G, LTE) with 4-5 bars, but it has not once worked since I've had the phone. I can use Wifi just fine.


    On the My T-Mobile account app, I go to Device Support > Technical Support > Data Plan Check and it shows this message:


    "Your current data service is not compatible with your device...."



    Using Safari will pull up the u.web2go.com page that states this:


    "Your data plan does not work on this device...."




    I called the stand-alone T-Mobile store I activated the phone from and they said my account information is correct andthe data plan is up and going so there should be no issues. (Other family members on my SAME PLAN also received the iPhone 6 and have NOT had any issues with data.) The T-Mobile representative told me to try the same stuff I had been trying, such as turning off my phone, resetting my phone, etc and none of that worked.


    When it was finally 24 hours from activation I called customer care. For some reason calling before 24 hours has passed will only get you thrown into the "it hasn't finished syncing and we can't help you" category. He checked the network in my area and nothing was down. We tried the same things the local T-Mobile store recommended and he even checked I was up to date with iOS (8.0.2) and the Network I was trying to connect to was correct. He submitted a ticket to the advanced team to fix how my phone is receiving the network signal. He told me to turn off my phone every 2 hours and it should start working within the next 3 days. Bummer, because I am PAYING FOR MY PHONE RIGHT NOW. Simply unacceptable that this is happening and I really, REALLY hope this works.



    Has this happened to anyone else?

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      • mansinha

        Re: iPhone 6: Data not working?

        I am not a T Mobile employee,  just another customer who happens to be an Apple aficionado and a wee bit techie.

        Now - with that disclaimer


        I think you may want to consider calling Apple. Go to their website and click on support. You have 90 days of support for the iPhone without AppleCare.


        I think the issue is that one or more of your ports on the phone, through which data flows may be closed, and that is causing your issue. It would seem that way since you can call and text (which uses different ports) - it may be that you need to bring the phone in to an Apple shop to a Genius Bar but that is only a suggestion.


        Another suggestion - back up your phone to iTunes on your computer (you do not need a Mac - works with Windows and iTunes 11.4) and then do a full restore as per Apple article HT1808 - this resets your phone to factory settings and may solve your problem.


        If nothing else helps - try this and let me know if that solved your issue.


        In any case - all the very best with your new device

        • I am having this exact same problem. Only, I didn't switch providers. I simply upgraded from my old iPhone 5s on T-Mobile to an iPhone 6. My iPhone 5s still gets data fine, the 6 doesn't get anything. If I wind up finding a solution I'll update this thread. Would be awesome if you could do the same.

          Edit: I swapped the sim card from my old iPhone 5s and everything seems to be working fine now. Seems like a sim card related issue. This solution prob won't work if you switched providers for the upgrade, though.

          • ANSWER:


            Apparently my phone was set up to receive Blackberry Data instead of iPhone Data for my data plan. Doesn't make sense to me, but it's true. All they had to do was put my phone "back" on iPhone data in their system and I was good to go in 2 hours! My data works!


            If you have this problem just have T-Mobile verify the data plan you have and (the "phone type") because the T-Mobile rep said mine was incorrectly getting Blackberry data.

            • clairemonet

              Re: iPhone 6: Data not working?

              I'm having what may be the same problem. I recently switched my iPhone 6 from Time-Warner to T-Mobile. After swapping in the new SIM card, I can't really use my phone without WiFi. I get bars and LTE, but none of my apps work and, typing any URL into Safari takes me to the same "Your data plan does not work on this device...." that the original poster described.


              I JUST updated to 12.1 and updated all my apps, as well as tried many of the troubleshooting tips I've read about, like turning Airplane Mode on and off, resetting network settings, etc. Any advice? I spend a lot of time on WiFi, but my phone is now useless when I need directions while out and about and a bazillion other reasons why I need a smartphone. Thanks in advance!