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    Cellspot works with iPhone, not with laptops

      I've set up my router and it works GREAT with my new iPhone 6, however it doesn't work with my laptop. It says "connected" but no internet. It'll work just fine if I plug the Ethernet cable directly from the router to my laptop, but it doesn't work when on WiFi. What happens is that it connects to the SSID network (I left it as the generic Cellspot 2.4Ghz), and it says "Connected," however there's no internet. Anybody know how I can fix this? I've reached out to Asus for support, and they suggest I upgrade the firmware on the router, but I have HAVE the latest firmware.

      Thanks for any suggestions. (and PS, I'm aware that T-Mobile does not provide general support for the Asus router, I'm just hoping someone else had had a similar issue and knows how to fix it).



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