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    When will iphone 6 ship?

      Model ordered:  iPhone 6  64GB Space Grey

      Time ordered: Friday 9/19/14  @ 11:35am EST

      Status: No delivery date specified, order is back ordered

      Account Charged: yes today 9/25/14 at 4:45am


      Just wondering when will the iphone 6 will actually begin to ship out.


      Thank You!

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          Thats the 1 million dollar answer. Tmobile does not want to give any specific.

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            call!!! once your charged I'm sure you phone will be shipped soon!!!

            i ordered mine the 18th and still nothing!

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              There is another post on TMonews.com about this very issue. I saw something of a trend. A lot of people got their 6's and a few their 6 pluses initially. JUMP more likely than not (but there were some JUMP people who were left behind as well) and the North East and Mid West appeared to be favored

              Around the 24th Sept - people who had ordered on the 12th Sept (like me in CA) started getting their funds charged and phones (6 pluses) arrive - it then evolved to orders placed on the 13th and 14th.

              I am not saying this is all orderly - but if you go to the website at the link indicated and scroll through the comments you may see a pattern.

              Sorry - I do not work for T Mobile - I am just another customer - new to T Mobile and an Apple aficionado - because T Mobile is dependent on Apple's supply chain - they can only give you a window.

              Some people have had success writing the T Mobile executives


              I can only say that once the phone arrives - the days of waiting quickly seem in the past but I agree (Having been there briefly) that it is not fun to wait not knowing ......


              Good luck in your quest - and please bear with the company - from my interactions with them I believe they are trying their very best.......

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                i odered 6plus 64 space grey on the 14th and mine still says backorderd..!!!!! no response no updates and everytime i call cs they give me the same bs!!!when we get it youll get it !!!what kind of buisness ethic is this!!!no respect for long term customers!!

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                  Hello there! Please know we’re focused on getting everyone the device they want as soon as possible! We will be happy to look into each order to find a more specific timeline. You can reach out to us on Twitter @TMobileHelp or through Facebook here: T-Mobile | Facebook. Thank you!