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    Call Failed

      I been enjoying the new iPhone 6 128gb model for a since I got it on the 19th but noticed a few issues.  With the Wi-Fi calling turned off, I keep getting call failed after 30~40 minutes into the call.  This is getting very frustrating.

      I did contact Apple support and Apple said it is not the phone and the carrier's issue.

      Anyone have the same issue?

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          Hi imxkal!

          We're happy to hear you're enjoying your new device! We definitely want to make sure you're able to make and receive calls while not connected to Wi-Fi calling. Does this happen in a particular location or anywhere you go?

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            Hi Janna,


            tmobile-admin This happens anywhere.  I have updated to iOS 8.0.2 and it still happens.  It's gotten a little better but I still get call failed messages randomly now.  Instead of 30~40 minutes into the call, it is now 15 minutes to 60 minutes. 

            I have tried everything from resetting the network settings, restoring the phone, and removing my case.  Nothing has made a difference.

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              Thank you for the additional info imxkal Are your carrier settings up to date too? You should see Carrier Update 17.1 Software versions & updates: Apple iOS 8

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                @tmo_sean_I Everything is up to date.  I doesn't happen as often now for some reason.

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                  Hey imxkal


                  Thanks for the response and when you are seeing happening do you notice how many bars of service you have? Does an error message appear or does it simply end the call?

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                    Okay, so now I know I'm not crazy or got a failure of the investment of my own into a 6 Plus myself and having Wi-Fi calling issues. I have plenty of bandwidth from my provider (Comcast) and experiencing similar issues with Wi-Fi calling after already getting snuffed out of the feature entirely with my iPhone 5. I had ordered my iPhone 6 Plus and only have had it for less than a week. It got here two days after placing my order which is awesome!


                    My problem is that when using Wi-Fi calling on my new 6 Plus, calls have been dropped almost instantly after answering and sometimes when placing a call as well. Inside my humble home, I average two out of five bars of LTE signal and since VoLTE isn't up in my area I either turn off my Wi-Fi from the slide up dashboard (which makes the feature useless but talking over 4G is a huge step backwards from the clarity over my 100 Mbps internet connection.  I've been in contact with Comcast and my service is in prime operating condition but getting a call is always leaving me to guess if it's going to work out or not. When it does work, the quality is stellar and long distance to my father sounds like he's in the same room with the speakerphone enabled.


                    I am also running the latest iOS version and had high hopes for this working as it should. I'm at a complete loss as to why this issue is here since this service isn't exactly new. My BlackBerry Bold 9700 always worked like a charm using what was called UMA over six years ago.

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                      @tmo_rick Usually I have 3~4 bars.  The call simply ends and I get the call failed message.

                      It is happening a lot less now.  I did contact the t-mo tech department and they were unable to find any issues but they did mention that I had a lot of call drops which was unusual.

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                        Can you try to reset your network settings. I called Apple after a few hiccups with WiFi calling (AT&T DSL Professional) and their advice was to reset network settings. Seemed to have worked for me.

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                          @mansinha I have Wi-Fi calling turned off and already reset the network settings multiple times.

                          Yesterday, I got a call failed within a minute on the call.

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                            The only things I can think of to try are the following:

                            1. Reset the phone through iTunes reinstalling iOS after a back up

                            2. Initiate a diagnostic session with Apple chat - they can run a diagnostic remotely

                            3. Genius bar

                            4. Failing all that - try a different carrier but I am told that only T Mobile offers Wi Fi calling at the moment

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                              @mansinha  I have done everything except for the genius bar.  Also, my brother uses AT&T and hasn't had any issues with call drops.  It must be a carrier issue.

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                                You may be right - please keep us updated

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                                  I've had similar issues on both my iPhone 6 and my wife's iPhone 5s. We are hoping iOS 8.1 and carrier update 18.1 fix the issue. Anyone with a list of issues 18.0 and 18.1 fix?