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    Can this be used as a repeater?


      I Would like to use this away from my modem. Will this function as a repeater

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          I'm not sure. It has a wireless bridge mode but it would need a WDS mode to act as a WiFi repeater.

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            It appears that the answer is yes, but setting it up takes some knowledge.

            Go to the "Wireless" -> "WDS" menu:


            Wireless - Bridge

            Bridge (or named WDS - Wireless Distribution System) function allows your TM-AC1900 to connect to an access point wirelessly. WDS may also be considered a repeater mode. But with this method, the devices connected to the access point will only be able to use half of the access point's original wireless speed.

            Note:The function only support [Open System/NONE, Open System/WEP] security authentication method.

            To enable WDS to extend the wireless signal, please follow these steps :

            1. Select [WDS Only] or [Hybrid] mode and add MAC address of APs in Remote AP List.

            2. Ensure that this wireless router and the AP you want to connect to use the same channel.

            3. Key in the remote AP mac in the remote AP list and open the remote AP's WDS management interface, key in the this router's MAC address.

            4. To get the best performance, please go to Advanced Settings > Wireless > General and assign the same channel bandwidth, control channel, and extension channel to every router in the network.

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              Hi shaunfrye!


              While the device was not originally designed or intended to be used as a repeater, you might be able to hopefully find some helpful information in this link:


              Wi-Fi CellSpot Routers

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                I have gone to two different stores and still haven't been able to get one.  How do you get one?

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                  I just called customer service and asked for one and they sent it to me. Of course, I've been a postpaid customer since '98, so that may have had something to do with it.

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                    If the router was not designed to be used as a repeater then why does it come with a WDS (Wireless Distribution System) option? On another note has anyone had any luck using the WDS option? I have 2 Cellspots and I want to use 1 as an AP but can't connect to it in WDS mode.