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    What does the free Cellspot promotion refer to.

      I just spent several frustrating minutes on the phone with someone from T-Mobile sales.  She insisted that the "Cellspot" is only a signal booster -- not a router, and that it is the only thing which the free Cellspot promotion refers to.  She says that if I want a router, it costs extra.  Elsewhere on this forum I have seen similar confusion, although nothing this bad.  Can anyone clear this up, and, if she is wrong, direct me to a particular person at T-Mobile who actually understands this?

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          They have both and she is probably just confused, the stores cannot start giving them out "with a deposit" (or $99 for prepaid).  When I called 611 they transferred me to tech support and after a few questions they arranged to ship me one.  I explained I have good signal but prefer to use Wi-Fi calling which is unreliable because of so many devices on my current router. Personally I would just try again or go to a store and they can order it for you there, just not give you one yet.

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            I just called 611 and got a woman who initially said the same thing as the original sales person that I complained about.  When I protested that the T-Mobile support page  for Cellspot has pictures which contradict her claim, she immediately backed off and admitted that it is a router (or at least has routing capabilities.)  It was a peculiar conversation ... it was almost as if she did know, but was instructed not to admit it if she didn't have to.  I can't imagine why that would be the case.  Maybe they are trying to discourage people who are only looking for a free router and don't need the wifi calling?  Anyway, I got one ordered for free.  I guess I'll find out for sure what it is when I get it.

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              I doubt it is the "don't admit", at the uncarrier 7 event even John Legere

              (TMo CEO) stated that in response to a question that it was a good thing

              for everyone because it is probably a better router than 90% of the public

              have in their house right now.


              Glad you finally at least was able to get it ordered, sometimes I have

              found that sometimes when dealing with "anyones" customer service and you

              know you are right based on advertising or etc just to give in and call

              back in a bit.