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    Ordered cancelled for no apparent reason


      I have preordered an iPhone 6 plus 64GB on September 14th or earlier if I am not mistaken. I called back couple of days later, and was told that the order was cancelled due to payment issue, with I know is definitely not the case. I already pay my T-mobile bills with this credit card, I called my credit card provider ahead of time to let them know that T-mobile might charge my credit card and I am no where near my credit limits. I don't know what's going on.


      I preordered iPhone 6 plus 64GB yet again on launch day, but I just found out that T-force might help me with the payment issues  as it is something specific to each case; therefore, I came here writing and pleading to see if anything can be done on my previous iPhone 6 plus 64GB as I do not want to wait longer than expected.