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    IPhone 6 Upgrade Question


      First off: I am an android user and an avid one at that. I have only owned an IPhone for less than a week b/c I didn't like it and the signal was junk.


      My question is what is the rush with ordering the IPhone 6?


      I want input from actual IPhone users and not "Because they are an IPhone Fan boy"which I've seen a lot on here.


      Reason for my question:

      • It's the same phone basically w/ 1 extra inch which isn't worth the jump in price
      • the so called new features they offer are not new - it's new to apple but Android has had them for years.
      • You get IOS 8 on any Apple device now not just the 6
      • Same memory
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          How dare you even ask such a question. It's worth it because it says "6" instead of "5". And don't you dare bring up the  LTE band-12 issue, either. 

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            you've got that right , the new iPhones are not much different and they are bigger than their rivals sporting the same screen size, well they are still learning lol, they insist on having the round home button which makes the lower part of the screen to be big then the upper end having the ear speaker and camera has to be symmetrical, now the phone is forced to be long, it also made the 6 and 6+ to be close in size,

            I have a friend who is crazy about Apple products, he sent me an article saying that Apple users are smarter than users of other brands , well the faces I have seen spending the night at the mall to be the first when stores open in the morning and the others lined up in front of Apple store didn't give me this impression nor my friend did hahaha,

            the guy has MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and he calls Apple CS all the time to help him with simple things lolllllllllllllll

            I think that article was written by Apple to convince it's fans that they are the Elite lollllllll and attract other users

            The Apple store at the mall didn't even allow me to get in just to look or buy a case for my wife's  ipad because they are busy with the new iPhone geezzzzzzzzzzzzz

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              Personally I will not call any brand user smarter or less intelligent than another.


              However, I will say that for someone to have to use a phone so simplistic there is nothing smart about that. The argument could be made why do you have a phone that is so complicated? Simple, it allows me, as a technician in the IT field to have more control. If I want Java I can get it. If I want to clear cache I can do it w/o uninstalling the entire app and re installing it. If I want to remove my battery guess what I can remove my battery! Well no I can't b/c I'm on the Nexus 5 but you get the point. It allows me to do what I want not make me do what it will allow me to do.


              Basically I have more freedom on the android than I do on Apple. Before I get negative comments about this, yes I've used Apple IPhones, Macs, IMacs, and IPads. I don't have a problem with them but their IPhones are extremely outdated (even the IPhone 6) and to be so excited over it makes no sense to me.


              Which is why I'd like an Apple user to explain why this is and yet I haven't had one.....


              Maybe it's because they don't  have their new IPhone yet? Idk.

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                Well if you look back on  the cell phones evolution, for long years Nokia with it's Symbian was controlling the market till the IOS and Android came to life, I would say that the iPhones were very appealing at that time more than the android that seemed kinda ugly and limited at the beginning, we can't blame people being fascinated by the iPhone back then and for several years because the iOS was getting better and progressing, the same applies to the Android,

                but the iphones had a better built and seemed more prestigious to a category of people, I do believe that lots of people still buy it because they think they will look better carrying an iPhone,  well currently and for quite a while, the Android has been much better and more flexible, Apple's IOS has reached a plateau, they need to come up with something new, the problem is a part of the human nature we don't tend to change, so those that loved the iPhones years ago they still believe it's the best invention ever and they don't wanna see other stuff,

                I do have a note 3 and I have an iPad mini 2, I love the phone more, it's faster more flexible and SMARTER

                I have nothing personal against Apple and if tomorrow they will come up with something great I don't mind switching, as you said Apple cuffs your hands with what you can do with their devices and all that was justified by them ranting about the security, even their users repeated these words like parrots to justify that their expensive devices can't do this nor that, even the ios 8 still can't multitask  well I believe lately the IOS didn't seem that secure!!!!!!!! a weak socket here and a vulnerable port there and iclud issues, well any software can have similar issues and all of them already had and will, but nobody has been a BIG MOUTH  about security like Apple.

                I believe the only big deal Apple is talking about speaking of the iPhone 6 and 6+ is the Apple pay, even banks started sending emails to their customers, however I will never ever use this feature even if I had an iPhone

                one of the funniest comments I have read somewhere by an Apple addict, when they were still talking about the iPhone 6 and 6+, the guy  commented on the article saying yes yes you go Apple make them big phones and patent them so the copycat companies won't steal the idea and start making big phones , he is definitely one of them SMART users