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    iphone 6 plus pre-order?

      Alright, so i pre-ordered a iphone 6 plus 64gb gold from t-mobile and on 19/15/14. i picked 1-2 day shipping and my order status has been saying pre-order for a few days.. i mean i got a email saying i will receive my iPhone on 9/20/14 but it hasn't shipped yet so i think that was a mistake, made me happy for no reason...  anyone know whats going on? I'm kind of confused because it should of shipped but today if it was going to arrive at my home by saturday am i right? i spoke to t-mobile support 4 times and all of there reps said i would get my iPhone friday or saturday and its really driving me crazy... any tips ideas please and thanks

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          I wouldn't get your hopes up for receiving a phone this weekend. There are people who pre-ordered the 6+ on the 12th and were told they would get the phone on launch day, only to later be told that it was on backorder with no estimated date of arrival. Also, a lot of people (myself included) had their 6+ orders canceled for no apparent reason and no explanation could be given by the reps. T-mo really messed up with this launch and I wouldn't trust a word out of any rep's mouth  regarding the iPhone 6 at this point.

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            well thanks.. i guarantee that today ill receive a email or text saying my order has been put on backorder or something. man t-mobile really sucks at this. this is my first time pre-ordering a phone through them and might be the last.. I also received a message like Thursday saying i would get it Saturday, getting my hopes up for  no reason

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              just been backordered