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    Shipping of iphone 6 plus

      I pre order my iPhone 6 plus 64G silver on the 12th, I was told I wouldn't be charged until the order is shipped,  so on the 17th the money was deducted from my bank account and I received an email and a text, saying I would get my phone on Friday.  Today is Friday I still no no tracking on the shipment, so I called and they tell me it's on back order! !! I don't understand what's the purpose of a pre order if you can't get your phone on time, and my friend can just walk in the store and purchase the same exact phone I'm still waiting for? Yet you charged me for a phone that haven't been shipped yet? Please explain this to me because I don't understand it at all.

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          I ordered the same phone, same day and have the same issues. I received a text and email stating that I would receive my iPhone 6 plus this friday but I have not received anything. I really don't see the point of preorder if I could of just gotten it from the store today, it is unjust!

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            I completely agree with your comment about people being able to walk into a store and get one; we who pre-ordered have gotten the short end of the stick! I think the stores are the last priority here, but I guess that's why I'm not in retail. My pre-order was done because I have no time to get into a store with my health care job and now that it's back ordered, my 3-day shipping is a lost cause because it's probably not going to get here on my day off.

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              I preordered a 6+, got billed for it so it's already on my statement. Status went from "being processed" to "order placed" to "pre-order".

              Invoice says estimated delivery date is the 25th; call center says, don't worry, the invoice delivery date is accurate. Cool.


              ...So I sold my current phone.


              Now news of shortages makes me think that t-mobile is texting me messages saying shipment is postponed till 2015, but I'm not getting them... because I wont have a phone till 2015.

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                like wise, with the above, I just switched from AT&T, not a good customer experience here, at least if it is backordered, do not charge us and send us out text messages indicating it will be delivered on Friday. What is T-Mobile going to do for me to rectify this?

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                  Hey mark2mark,


                  Sorry to hear about your preorder problems. So that we can answer any questions and provide updates, we're merging all the tracking threads into one main discussion here:


                  Official iPhone What's Your Status? Thread


                  We'll see you over there.