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    New Customers awaiting iPhone 6


      I am a new customer to T-Mobile - ordered the 6+ at a store in CA at around 1 PM Pacific. Not a JUMP customer. CC still not charged - wondering if there is any time limit I should expect shipment. Got an email from T-Mobile yesterday that says that they will update the status in the next day or so but have not seen anything since then.


      Any other new customers who have received iPhones or are in the same situation as me?



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          I pre-ordered mine on Monday. They said they would ship on Friday, so I did next day which the rep said it would be delivered on Monday. Tuesday I got a text and email saying I should expect my device on Friday, and that I should receive a email with my tracking number. I still have not received an email with tracking number.


          I think last time I did a pre-order on a phone, they didn't send me a tracking email until the day of. I want to be here when it arrives, so I want to track the estimated time of delivery.

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            Hey mansinha,


            Thanks for your interest in the iPhone 6 preorder! Hopefully that new iPhone is on the way to you as we speak! So that we can answer any questions and provide updates, we're merging all the tracking threads into one main discussion here:


            Official iPhone What's Your Status? Thread


            We'll see you over there.