New to T-Mobile, New Sim, Old Phone



    I was excited to switch to T-Mobile, but now that I have, it has been very frustrating.


    After waiting four days for my sim card to arrive (so no cell phone, texting, in the meantime), the cards arrive. I've inserted the cards, am waiting for them to activate (so about 2 hours?).


    I'd like to activate my T-mobile account,  but I cannot because my temporary password is sent by text, and I cannot receive texts until my phone has service. I cannot call customer service because my phone doesn't have service.

    The only options seem to be to sit and wait to see if my sim cards activate, if the chat support option becomes available, or if someone responds to this email.


    This is very frustrating, and I'd like to just go about my day with a phone (which I actually do need on occasion).

    I realize that it isn't easy to switch carriers, and I should have realized there would be a week of no phone in the process, but I didn't.


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