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    How to buy a T-Mobile cellspot

      Is the cellspot available, how would I be able to acquire one, can I just buy it online, or do I have to go to a T-Mobile store or make a phone call to T-mobile to inquire about one.

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          I was at a store today, it will be available on the 17th

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            Available online, in the store or both? 

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              it just happened that I was in store, I haven't checked online but I believe you can order it online, why not if you can order phones?

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                We'll find out tomorrow.


                Makes me wonder, if it's available online, what time it would be.

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                  I checked with a local T-Mobile store - they don't expect to have any in stock at their location at  least for a couple of weeks.  I suspect they'll be taking orders tomorrow.

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                    Not certain what T-Mobile's hours are - never called after business hours. 

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                      Just went to a local T-Mobile store. They won't have them in stock until 9/24, although they are allegedly taking pre-orders. HOWEVER, the caveat is this: you must have a Wifi-call capable device before you can pre-order one. Since the only device I know of (or, at least, am planning to use) is the iPhone 6, which isn't available yet, I can't order the Cellspot. According to the TMo rep I spoke with, there's supposed to be a code on your account indicating that you have a compatible device. Little bit of a Catch-22 going on here.

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                        Almost every Android phone is WiFi calling enabled. Local store also now says 9/24. Called T-Mobile, they also now confirm its 9/24. They did set me up to order one confirming that I do have a phone that has WiFi calling and my address, will be shipped to my house, 7-10 days from today. Shipping was free, $25 deposit supposedly will not be required until 9/24 so if you order over phone today you can get it for "free".  I could have also upgraded shipping but I can wait a week or so.

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                          I DO see that the CellSpot WiFi is on T-Mobile's product page for $99


                          I'm imagining that's for the folks who don't want to worry about returning it?


                          Or, it could be like one of the @Home routers that had extra RAM and that and people wanted them like crazy to install DD-WRT.

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                            I'm an iPhone guy (currently have the 5, but 6 is on order), so I'm going to wait until I have activated the new phone and then contact T-Mobile to order the Cellspot. I was also told at my local store about the waived deposit fee (rep said it was good until 9/23). Thanks

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                              I ordered mine this morning at 7 local time PDT.  Since we have a number of T-Mobile phones in our household, there was no deposit required (I'm certain they are aware of the marginal 2G signal we have in this area as well).


                              I didn't ask for express shipping, so I think it's supposed to get here on the 25th.  Since I wasn't certain whether it would work with the iPhone5 i was going to fudge and say I had a 5S.  That fell apart when she asked if I had the iPhone 5, so I coughed to it.  No problem, according to her it works on the iPhone 5!  That was a relief as I'd heard arguments that it only worked on the next iteration of iPhone 5s (5c&S).  So, whomever insisted that Apple said it would work on the iPhone 5, you were right!

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                                Thanks, perhaps I'll call them up again and ask about getting it using my existing iPhone 5.

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                                  Addendum to my last message: just called T-Mobile and ordered the router, they texted me a delivery date of 9/26/14. One thing I learned while I was on hold: the Cellspot only works (for iPhones, at least) on handsets running iOS 8. I was told at the store that my existing iPhone 5 wouldn't work because it doesn't support Wifi calling, which is true because I currently have iOS 7. However, given that iOS 8 is being released today and is compatible with iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and 5C, theoretically any of those phones will work with the router. So it looks like I'm good to go. Oh yeah, and they waived the $25 deposit, too!

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                                    I also called T-Mobile (on another matter) and ordered the CellSpot router. More curious than anything else.

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