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    iPhone 6 pre-order with Jump -- Success story

      Like many people, I waited up until 3am EST to pre-order online and use my "jump".  Live everyone else, nothing worked.  Twitter was abuzz to try again at 8am EST.  Still no go.  Finally CSR told me I had to go into the store to do this.


      So I went in at 9:30 am, and was the first in line.  The computers were down.  I called back into the store today and the manager told me to come in and try again. 


      When I got there, she told me that T-Mobile said all JUMP customers who pre-ordered (I think by Sunday night) would be pushed to the front of the line.  This means that JUMP members would get their phones before even the T-Mobile stores would get any to sell to customers.


      I got my EIP form via email a few minutes later, "signed" it and that's that.  Hopefully I will have the phone arrive on the 19th or just a few days after that.

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