Help clarify - want to leave AT&T for T-Mobile

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    Howdy - I am a 10+ year customer of AT&T. I am considering switching to T-Mobile. I am curious how the transition works, I was hoping someone knowledgeable with the process could give me a brief overview.


    Currently, I have two phones with AT&T.


    iPhone 5 - contract expires 9/14/14

    iPhone 5s - contract expires 9/20/15


    I want to switch to T-Mobile and order the new iPhone 6 and a new iPhone 6+ (and keep my old numbers).


    I think my steps will look like this:


    1. Pre-order new phones after 9/12/14 at T-Mobile
    2. When they physically arrive, call T-Mobile and have them port my existing phone numbers over
    3. Cancel plan with AT&T. One is out of contract, so no ETF, but will have ETF with iPhone 5s.
    4. Send my existing iPhone 5 and 5s in to T-Mobile, along with my final bill showing the ETF
    5. T-Mobile refunds my ETF, as well as credits me for the trade-in on the old iPhone 5's.


    Is that how it works?

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