How to fix "Restricted access changed - data service is blocked"

    I have been receiving this notification frequently on my unlocked LG Nexus 4, along with a similar one saying "Restricted access changed - All voice services are blocked." Could someone help me solve this? I tried various things to fix it: factory reset, changing the default mobile network from GSM/WCDMA to WCDMA only, numerous reboots, replacing the SIM card, etc. But no luck.


    This started on August 1st (almost 6 weeks ago) when I returned to USA from Europe, and it only occurs when I am at or near my home.  It runs the battery, makes calls and texts unavailable at times, and most of all is SUPER ANNOYING.  I was convinced that when I did the factory reset (finally got around to backing everything up yesterday) that it would solve the problem but sadly, it did not.  I am very frustrated.  I have researched several threads regarding this issue, but most end without really explaining a solution.  My assumption is that the phones are the problem and those users swapped for a different phone, but I'm just guessing.  I plan to go to the tmobile store today and maybe see if my sim card works in another phone, but the problem again is that this only occurs when I am in a certain area, i.e. my home.  I don't have another unlocked phone I can test this on, so I'm running out of answers.


    Help me!


    Thank you.


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