Free 200MB Tablet Data for Life Promo

    Do I need to have a voice plan to qualify for this promo?  Or can I sign up for just the free 200MB of data (bringing my own device) without another relationship with TMO?  The website and live chat agents seem to provide conflicting information.


    Once the 200MB cap is reached - what happens?  Is data cut off entirely?  Throttled to 2G?  Or are there overage charges?



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      • theartiszan

        Re: Free 200MB Tablet Data for Life Promo

        If you just get the free 200MB plan that is based on prepaid with no charge you won't need another account or line with T-Mobile.

        Only if are looking at the additional free 1 gb for a limited time do you need a voice line.

        Once you hit 200 MB service is suspended. I believe you have the option of purchasing additional amounts of data though.

        • Hi mkamen, theartiszan has the right of it! Yo don't have to have a voice line, and your service is suspended once you reach the limit for the duration of the cycle, or unless you purchase an additional data pass: About On Demand Data Passes


          About Free Data for Life is a document you may want to review in relation to this!



            • Hi @tmo_erika. I recently got the 200mb for life, but I am still getting charged $10 per month. I talked to several reps but they say the only way to waive the $10 per month is to have a voice plan. This is contrary to what you say in this thread.


              This is very confusing, and the misinformation is very frustrating. Please let me know what the actual terms are if all I want is just the 200mb free for life. Nothing else. Reps keep mentioning the data passes, I don't care about those, stop mentioning them. Reps keep mentioning the voice plans, I don't care about those, I just want my 200mb free for life.

              Please just tell me straight up it ISN'T ACTUALLY FREE rather than misinforming us.


              Even if the "200 mb" is free, but you charge $10 for the "rate plan" or "ability to get data passes" (which I've been told the $10 was for by 2 different reps), then it's not actually free. Please clarify this for me ASAP, because I'm still getting charged, even after calling several reps.

            • munchu

              Re: Free 200MB Tablet Data for Life Promo

              tforce_erika tmo_marty @Is this still true? That is, I can sign up for just the free 200MB of data (bringing my own tablet) without another relationship (neither voice nor data plans) with TMO?


              I have heard contradicting info about this. I am not currently a TMO customer in any way. I just want to sign up for the free 200mb data on my unlocked tablet. Can I still do that and how do I sign up if so?


              Thanks much.